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Sherry and Beth

Lets have some real talk. We all love our phones. We carry it around with us like it is our oxygen source. We think that if we are going to be with them 24/7 then it’s certainly for the best to fill them with best possible apps to help us lead the best possible life.

It’s Beth here- let me be honest with you all in the past I wasn’t overly tech savvy when it came to apps and barely used my phone to its highest potential. But since I became a business owner I had to get real about using the power literally at my fingertips. I have started using my phone to improve running our business, to handling finances, to improve my health and also to keep my brain improving!

Below is a lovely list of apps which you should consider to help pimp your phone and make the most of your busy days.

Lets start with business savvy apps


This cute app is an app I use on a daily basis. I love using it for saving articles- on business, on health, on parenting, on travel. I love that it keeps all the things I want to read in one beautiful lovely place. My absolute fav feature is that you can use it even when offline. It is very easy to use and can be found on Android and iOS.


You have prob heard of this app before. I was recommended it after I kept emailing myself documents backwards and forwards in a messy web. Its one of the worlds most popular cloud storage provides. It helps bring your photos, videos and documents together and can be easily shared. Find this one particularly useful for sharing photos between our various teams and being able to access our business documents on the fly. It is on Android and iOS and is free! Never email yourself a file again!


Hands up who loves lists? I do. I have lists of products I want, of places to visit, of restaurants to eat at and for books to read. And then we get into my business lists. I love Evernote for quick, easy and very clear way to help me get my to-do lists in order. Again its free and also in both Android and iOS.

And now for cleaning living inspo apps


So you know the new years resolution to get fitter? Well I’m sticking to it. And I firmly thank Strava for that. It’s like Instagram for fitness but better. It is my utter go to for tracking my running. I love that it allows you to track your runs (and also bike rides, but I don’t ride! I believe it also tracks swimming) via GPS, you can see what else everyone is doing and when and join challenges to really get you to your goals. If you’re serious about fitness and tracking your results and progress, or you’d like to get serious, this is the app to help you get there. Again, its free and on Android and iOS.

My Fitness Pal

So on the flip side of exercise is your nutrition. This app can really help you get serious about your intake! It has a HUGE database of items added to help you track your intake with great accuracy. It also has a desktop log in as well if you aren’t on your mobile- great feature. Love using this in combination with my Strava. Again free and Android and iOS.


Stop ignoring all the articles and research tolling the benefit of meditation. Please. Headspace is a great app which has short little mediations that are easy to do any time during the day. Pop in some headphones during your lunch break and take in some zen to really focus on your afternoon of work. There are different time lengths for even the busiest professional. Set a goal to do it 3 times a week for a month and thank me later.

A little finance chat;


So part of being a professional adult is having real management over your budgets and financial situations. I really recommend giving Pocketbook a shot. You can use for it your household budget or your personal budget. Use it to track your expenses and generally manage your money. Best of all it help you save money for your future holiday, future homes and future shoes.

And a little extra app for good luck;


So we all want to learn a new language right? Who doesn’t want to order pizza in Italian next time you are in Cinque Terra? Well Duolingo will help you check “learning a new language” off your bucket list. It’s free, easy-to-use, and brings some kid like fun to learning a new language. Duolingo makes learning a language fun and approachable, and it’ll be your new favourite way to ‘waste time’. (not that learning a new language could ever be considered a waste of time!). It has many languages so perhaps try a few before you pick your new destination.

Now I have told you my favourites please tell us what your favourite apps are, share the love.

Comment below or tag us in a post on your go-to apps.


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