About Us

Sitting on the floor of our lounge room watching my two year old tear apart wrapping paper to excitedly unveil her birthday gifts lead to some conflicting thoughts in my mind.

Emotionally I sat and watched my toddler unwrap gifts for the first time understanding these were her “presents”. 

We laughed and enjoyed these happy moments but then throwing out all the wrapping paper afterwards made me feel really uncomfortable. Yes it was going into the paper recycling bin but it wasn’t good enough. 

I am Sherry and I a "semi-greenie". I’ve coined the term as someone who cares for the environment, invests a significant amount of energy reusing, up-cycling, buying consciously and being aware of the environment but not making my own compost or leading the charge of an Earth saving initiative (yet). I would love to do more alas as the parent of two young ones I am very time poor.

I lay awake thinking about the wrapping paper for a while, it kept ticking away in the back of my mind. Baby number two arrived and again we were given gifts with wrapping paper that went in the bin. I spent some time researching and discovered that in Japan and Korea there is an ancient art form for fabric gift wrapping. Gifts were originally wrapped in fabric before paper gift wrapping took off as an industry.   

I tried to find domestic products for an Aussie equivalent and came up with nothing that was affordable. I spoke to loads of people and everyone said they’d love a better alternative to single use paper but up-cycling old sheets isn’t always viable. I know from personal experience that I use old clothes and sheets as cleaning rags (to replace paper towel and sponges) and generally things are so tattered that I wouldn’t want to wrap a gift for someone in an old tea-towel!

The more I read about Furoshiki the more I fell in love with the ideology. Using beautiful fabric to wrap gifts knowing that you choose each wrap with thought and consideration for the person receiving it. And the versatility of it all was amazingly beneficial, no scissors and no tape!

So my little mind wandered and The WrapUp Co. was born. A little Aussie owned business with my delightful sister-in-law, Beth. 

Beth and I share our “semi greenie” status although she is well and truly further along and on the way to upgrade to “greenie”! 

I am Beth and I love the world we live in. I spent my school holidays at Green Peace Holiday Programs which got me into the ‘greenie’ way of life. I carry my own metal cutlery to prevent using plastic. I love bees wax wraps instead of glad wrap at home. I used reusable pouches for feeding purees to my little ones. My kids use reusable swim nappies.  I try my hardest to grow vegetables, lemons and herbs at home but I wasn't born a natural green thumb and the local wildlife seem to enjoy them also. I firmly believe most people can make little changes each day to make a huge impact worldwide.

As Sherry's sister-in-law, friend and "semi-greenie" comrade when the idea came up for this business I jumped on it. Something I am passionate about and feel it is a very easy switch to save the over 8million kgs of paper gift wrapping that is brought around the world each year! Fabric wraps are environmentally conscious, they can be reused over and over, they look chic and they can be repurposed for so many things! What a win-win.

Together we are hoping that the world where we grown trees just to cut them down and create paper can change. 

Wrapping paper is purchased and used to wrap a gift which is, on average, appreciated for 20 seconds before the wrapping paper ceremoniously ends up in the bin, recycling if we are lucky. 

The thought of the carbon footprint of manufacturing wrapping paper makes us both cringe and we have big dreams for our little business.

We decided to start off with a small range of fabric gift wraps that can be reused multiple times and can be repurposed so the cotton fabric can be used for many different things. 

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